What is B.I.T.?

The human brain is a complex system, whose peak function can be compromised by a wide range of stresses and injuries. Physical injury, emotional trauma, genetics, environmental conditions, and life stresses are all capable of significantly reducing the brain’s ability to operate properly. 

“B.I.T., Brain Integration Technique, improves the flow of information to the brain with no drugs or surgery." 

BIT is a revolutionary process that improves the flow of information in the brain with no drugs or surgery. This relaxing, non-invasive scientific technique, utilizes Applied Kinesiology and acupressure to correct ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities.

• Memory, Concentration and Focus
• Math, Spelling, Reading and Writing
• Vision and Eye Coordination
• Stress Management
• Overwhelming Emotions
• Organization, Multi-tasking and Social Skills
• Physical Coordination and Sports Performance
• Reduction in the Effects of Trauma, Grief and Phobias

BIT improves brain functions in the following areas:

“...After being Integrated he can actually sit in a classroom and do work for the first time since around 3rd grade.”

- Christy M.